Thursday, August 3, 2017


I wrote a devotional on The Lord As My Portion a while back.  I find myself once again praying over and over, "You, Lord, are my portion" as I'm once again being led through places in this life I don't want to go, and as life takes turns I wish I could reverse but can't. Once again I'm reminded of the fact that God alone is the portion of the Christian.  We are blessed in many ways in this world, given many gifts and pleasures in this world, and enjoy the provisions of the Lord.  But every once in a while, the Lord reminds us that it is not those things that are our life or our portion, but it is He Himself.  Sometimes life is full of uncertainty and fears.  When that happens once again we must draw close to the Lord and ask Him to show us that He indeed is our portion, and to manifest Himself as that in our situation.  It doesn't matter that I share details of my own burdens because we all have them.  We're all from time to time plunged into overwhelming life situations that we think are beyond our endurance.  Our hearts faint.  But when we call out to Him and feed on His promises we find He indeed is the strength of our hearts and our portion.  I revisited my earlier devotional this morning and felt God wanted me to listen again to what He had given to me then.  Once again, and in fact even stronger than the first time, it strengthened my heart, so I put it to video and hope that it will be a blessing as well and encouragement to some, to trust the Lord to be your portion, no matter what you are facing. 

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