Saturday, October 14, 2017


There are days when my heart is full of prayer, but no words. I often look to the Psalms to find the words to express the prayer of  my heart to God.  I don't know another Psalm that more people have found solace in than Psalm 23.  I have so often found it just the right prayer of my heart to my Shepherd, and the peace of knowing He is all to me.

He reveals Himself to us in so many ways.  A father, a brother, a husband, a bridegroom, a Savior to the uttermost, our portion, our daily bread, our all sufficiency, our Shepherd.  He is a protector of our souls.  A Shepherd provides all, guides and protects and keeps from all predators. There are times in life when the "valley of the shadow of death" seems incredibly real.  We must walk through it.  I never looked at this Psalm as being for the dying.  I find it is for the living - those who walk with the Lord through this world, which is a valley - a very dark valley with death always overshadowing on every side.  But when we walk through it with our Shepherd, He cares for every need, provides every want, protects, guides, delivers, feeds, anoints, and we have assurance that in the end we will arrive at our destination, to dwell in His Heavenly home forever with Him.

I hope you will enjoy this video I put together above as a prayer and meditation.  It's very short.  If it blesses you, please share it with others.

Yours in Christ,