Thursday, February 2, 2017


                                                                                                                                                                                                      I'm needing encouragement these days.  I'm needing, each and every day, the courage to go on in the face of so much blatant evil in our world. As believers in Jesus Christ and the assurances He gives us of His presence, His salvation, His care, we have that.  All we need to do is turn to Him, look into His Word, and receive once again fresh Manna that sustains us and strengthens our hearts.

We see insanity and spiritual blindness all around us, and those who don't want to be persuaded by truth or facts.  We see unspeakable violence and lawlessness all over the world by those who insist on oppressing and controlling others and demanding their way, regardless of the cost.  We see strife that grows only worse each day with no solutions only those insisting more violently on having their way, regardless of who they trample on.

So I put together something to hopefully soothe the soul, for those who are tired of it, and want to draw close to the Lord, listen to what He has to say, and truly cast the care of their lives onto Him.  I get an email each day from Grace Gems.  Sometimes I find they are just what I needed to get me through a day of anxiety.  Sometimes I find they lead me to His Word where I am strengthened once again or pulled back up out of the miry clay of life's anxieties.  I put together this little video as a meditation when it's short message spoke to my heart in hopes of sharing it with others to uplift your hearts as well.  I pray that it does that.


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